Cyber Security: The Basics

By on August 10, 2018 in AntiVirus, Cyber, Security

Protecting yourself and your business from the daily virus threats and cyber security attacks can be a very real and scary thing. With these steps, we will guide you through the basics in ensuring that you can combat and protect yourself and business against the most common cyber threats.

What is Microsoft Office 365?

By on August 9, 2018 in Microsoft Office 365

With software evolving and such a fast pace, the days of when you would purchase your productivity software, install it on your PC and that would be it is slowly being phased out by the software vendors for a subscription-based modal.
This in itself can have quite a few advantages. Today we will focus on Microsoft Office 365 subscription-based modal and see if we can help shed a light on the how Microsoft now delivers its productivity software and how you can harness this to streamline your business.